And if we introduce ourselves?

Nikita Halsey-Galaxy (liloo Galaxy)

Born in SL : ( 12/17/2008 )

Freya in the clan of the “Falaises de Vars” from 2017 to 2018.

Born to a panther mother and a torvis father, my mother hid me in a village,torvis, to protect me from my father she said. I was also able to learn to read and write and avoid being chosen for wife of a torvis.

During a hunt where I had gone alone in the forest of the village of Gimli, a panther named Štephørã Aûrùm Irønbeãrd (Hypr Nova),captured me and kidnapped me. She wanted to make me her slave and taught me   to fight much better than I knew how to do, taught me the techniques that made me a dangerous fighter.

Slave at the Valkyries from 2018 to 08/2018

After some time in the village of Valkyries, one evening, she took me with her to flee this village and leave it. Once safe, she gave me my freedom and I became free again. My clan of the cliffs of var, having rejectedme, I could not join it. I then began to live like a panther, like my  mother and gradually found my origins.

Panther in gretuk from 08/2018 to 10/2018

Having wandered for a while, I ended up joining the Gretuk tribe, where I was able to live there for a while, gradually making my place, but the gretuk being panthers of the genre too sweet and not supporting my type of cruel and sadistic game, they had made a decision, one day they took advantage of a capture let’s say the bordelic to deliver me in exchange for a gretuk captured by the talenders moon another tribe of panther.

Panther at talender from 10/2018 to 04/2019

I became a slave again, to a panther of their tribe, Bree Mäkävel Völsung Macmurchu (breestonewood). Then little by little, I made  my place, Bree freed me and I became a free again, I climbed the ladder one by one until I became the Tor of talenders. I was  able to meet my mother Sophıe Anne Delαcroıx (SophieAnne Ilyx) there.

Disappointed with the En  des Talender who, for fear of making strong decisions, let her sis be captured and agreed to be humiliated by the conduct of a tribe, the Vofa. We then decided with my mother to leave the Talender Moon to join the Zima’Akam tribe.

Panther at the Zima’Akam from 04/2019 to 01/2020

We stayed for a while in the Zima’Akam tribe, I had children, two beautiful daughters and in fc with a panther that I had known at Talender Moon, Shelly.  Time passed, until the day we decided with my mother  and children to leave Zima, to found a new tribe of panther. I was First Bow.

Panther at the Kotiro Mohoao Panthers from 01/2020 to 03/2020

With my mother, we founded the panther tribe “Kotiro Mohoao Panthers”. I was the Se and my mother, the En.

My daughters joinedus, for the most part. The tribe had a lot of trouble being active, we could not continue like this. Following a proposal from blackwater mercenaries, we  joinedthem. I then became mercenaries with my mother and daughters.

Mercenary at the BlackWater from 03/2020 to end 04/2020

We stayed with the BlackWater mercenaries for a while, unfortunately, their game mode being essentially pew pew, we could not find to be able to make good rp, without being constantly disturbed. We then made the decision to leave again to found a clan of outlaws, on the lands of the Zima’Akam.

Outlaws at the Black Rose Outlaws from 04/2020 to early 08/2020

We founded a clan of Outlaws, named “Black Rose Outlaws”, we settled there, with my mother, my husband (found in BW), two of my daughters, my son and my faithful slave Tenshi. We had a happy life, doing some small deeds. We had a beautiful fortified village, locals. But little by little as often, people became less and less active and we had to make the decision to close the village and go back on the roads, once again.

For a few months, I remained wandering, alone, going from forest to forest, living in a hut perched in the trees, becoming a panther again, too happy to be able to let her live fully again.

Then I joined  the Zima’Akam tribe again, after several requests from that tribe. I was able to, have the status of En of the tribe that I share with Wild and Blu.

Since I live in the tribe, tomorrow maybe  I would leave again on a new path, only time knows.

Who am I?

So my name is Nikita, my real name liloo Galaxy (I know there is no connection). I have always had the first name of Nikita, although sometimes I have changed my name according to my companions, husband, mistress. Currently I bear the name of my wife Jordyn, which gives to this day: Nikita Halsey-Galaxy (liloo Galaxy).

I have had several nicknames in my past life, ranging from witch, to sweet girl.. but over time, my reputation grew, part of a little freya who barely knew how to hold a bow and fight, I became what I am now, recognized as a good fighter who should not be  ignored in a fight and underestimated.

I have a rather dark side in my practices, I like to give what few people give or know how to give, hard moments of torture, where all my sadism and cruelty can be expressed. I never force a person to do things or receive things they don’t want. We can’t oblige in secondlife besides. I have never had anyone complaining about having spent  a moment of rp in my hands, in my “office” as I like to call the dongeon. I have my own brand that I had made by a blacksmith. An N surmounted by a black rose.

In my life course, I have often been tortured myself, I have learned each time new ways of torturing, techniques, my imagination improving or modifying them.. the famous valkbox, the story of the scorpion who was looking for a nest, the game of straw, are part of my specialties.

I had the chance to be introduced to the manufacture of poisons, potions and a whole arsenal very friendly to use, during my moments of wandering.

I was often chased, my head priced several times, sold, killed twice, raped, beaten to death etc  .. it would be too long to tell everything.

I know one thing, which is that I am what I am, they love me or they don’t love me,but what matters to me above all is to take care of the people who love me because I prefer to devote my time to them, rather than giving it to those who hate me.

Now I’m Nikita, Dark Angel nickname I was given, two years ago now. I am feared, hated, loved and I am a kind of trophy for certain. I have had a wonderful life, full of joys, filled with love and I do not intend to stop !!!

I had 6 children, 5 girls and a boy, I had 4 FC, man or woman, I have sisters,grandchildren, a wonderful mother,  a father too absent, a faithful slave who is always with me. A busy life.

I am in the world of Gor to play according to the principles of a life in Gor.
This is a dangerous, brutal and human dominated life. Every day is a danger and we have to watch and fight for our survival.
I am often upset when I see that many people think they are a Disnez theme, where everything is cuddles and sex. That many people are actually into BDSM and spicing up their sexuality.
Gor is not that.
How many people are out there playing the great hunter and get down on their knees at the snap of a finger or just looking to get captured for it. Too much egotism and ruins the games and empties the tribes.
Why don’t they just go to BDSM or Sex Beach sims…they would fit in much better.
So don’t expect me to play in this way, don’t come begging for me to take you at my feet, only those who really deserve it are there.
Don’t talk to me about hugging, it makes me puke.
The day when all the people who play Gor, will think Gor first instead of their sexual fantasy, then maybe we will finally have real play.

We are here to have a life different from that of our real, we do not need to reproduce the problems, the constraints and everything that takes away our smile. We are here to be happy and I am!

I am Jordyn’s wife, the one who knew how to tame me and make me the happiest panther. Our love has a strength that few can have. I love her, she loves me, what more could you ask for? We are very happy.

With my love and my little sister Romi, we decided to leave on another path, we left the tribe (05/03/2022) and went to the north of the torvis, we are Viking Warriors. We will live from our trade… but which one?
To be continued …

Nikita, Dark Angel

Rose Fang Lane Lupos Vaher (TodesRose)

Born in SL : ( 10/26/2017 )

After 6 years of life Rose was taken by the Kuri.

From then on she was a Kuri pet ….

The master of Rose Vaher has after a long life then died and has Rose Vaher released.

3 mai .2018

Rose didn’t know where to find him yet, so she went to live with the Pyranas and her mother Myla Vaher.
Once Rose also learned to know the big sister Nikita.

Once Rose also learned to know the big sister Nikita.

Rose had then through betrayal and much more the Pyrana Jag ….and the heart of the forest was back …

Now Rose Vaher is 228 years old and the gate of the Zima …. and the motto of Rose is now: Protect the farmillie … because she is everything …. Farmilli is Nikita and all of the Zimas.

15. Mai .2018

The Sheku ja’Heas Tribe of Anango.
One day Nikita came to me and asked for protection. Rose gave Nikita this protection overnight and Nikita was from then on a bond of the valks. Rose fought again and again with the owner and lost …… One day there was a man.


Maz … Rose fell in love and wanted to stay with him. But has broken the heart of Rose.

27.juli 2019

Rose then went to the cities Belend … Where she then became a merchant. Then to Slaverin ….
Then she had the 2 girl Dina and she became Rose’s mother
But something is missing in the heart of Rose.


 The death of the mother makes Rose to create …. they lost love … and then became an ice-cold Torvis woman …. She then lives in the Deep North with the bonds she had


 …. but then called the hunt ….and the heart of the forest was back … Now Rose Vaher 228 is old and the gate of the Zima …. and the motto of Rose is now : Protect the farmillie … because she is everything …. Farmilli is Nikita and all of the Zimas.


Scouter occupations.


Promoted to Tor in the Zima Ak’am tribe

What is Rose Vaher now.
Rose Vaher is like she is wild …. indefinite … Farmilli people …. has the heart always for the farmilli and for other …. but the tribe and the big sister always go first.
What Rose does not like is betrayal … She has been betrayed so many times …. that she will consider anyone who betrays her as an enemy … She will never be betrayed by Big Sister because Rose will always protect her.

Zima ... Rose Vaher Tor (Rose left the ZIma tribe)

Rah (Rahana2 Resident)

Born in SL : ( 10/03/2012 )

Rah was born on Earth and was growing up there and while her time as a student she was captured and delivered to Gor.

She could escape the slavers who brought her there while they got attacked and ran into the woods.

2012 – 2016

In 2012 she managed to survive there for some time, learned from watching people in the distance and one day stepped up as she found some Huntresses in the woods.

To her luck they took her in as a pledge to the Sa Di Sani tribe.

After some time as pledge she became a full Huntress there. She stayed with the Sa Di Sani for several years and fought with them against their enemies in the lands around Gimli.

After some changes in command there she decided to move on and left the lands and went on her own 2016.

2017 – 2019

After some time alone where she lived in some caves, she came to the jungles of Ushindi and 2017 finally joined the Veck En Talunas there.

She became a full Huntress there as well and lived with them for another few years.

After some time there as well, she thought its time for her to move on again too and walked on her own again in 2019.

2019 – 

One of the Ens of the Zima Ak’am, Wildling, captured her and made her her slave 2019 after some time as her captive.

She served her for some time, then was freed 2020 and became a Huntress at the Zima and soon the leaders saw more in her and made her a Tor of the tribe.

And then a Se and she tries to help the Zima to grow and stand strong together.

Zima ... Rah Se

ღ Sarah Galloway™ ღ (sarah94578)

Born in SL : ( 07/13/2012 )

I was once a free woman, that now seems so long ago. When I was in my late teens my Father, a Torvie Jarl, wanted to companion me to an ogre of a man in exchanged for coastal land to farm and fish.  This so called mate was a weak man. I tried to refuse but, my wishes didn’t matter. I relished in the ways I could outsmart and torment him until in his anger he collared me. I hated him and never felt joy in his touch.

Then one night when he was in a drunken stupor I slit his throat and escaped into the forest only to find myself captured by a panther girl. It was brutal at first but my skills in camp and the hardness to fight against enslavement was respected. Now I am proud to survive on my own, hunt and fish for my own needs.  I travel and explore, trading skins and pelts, being careful to watch for lone travelers that i can take down and trade. For now I am with my sisters of Zima Ak’am.  My home where i am safe.

(Sarah left the ZIma tribe)

Rin Sendo (lucywantsyou)

Born in SL : ( 04/14/2014 )

Kyria was born a pani girl to a family of farmers and her days were filled with working the fields fishing and helping her father with the crops

at the end of the day she would sit with her parents after the meal and listen to stories and songs they sang around the fires of their home hearth…..they were peaceful times till one day in her Ninth year a ship was seen in the near by city port bearing the mark of trystoftyr

They were slave traders and went about the country side seeking potential slaves

Kyria was helping as she usually did in the fields when the traders approached the little farm she called home

when the traders tried to buy her from her parents they refused the traders

in anger the traders killed her mother and father and collared kyria then took her to their ship she found herself in cage with numerous other slaves boys and girl both

From that day forward she was in collar raised as a slave and trained to serve in all ways a slave would till she reached age of full maturity

one day however when after having suffered a beating from a male of trystoftyr she fled slipping away into the forests they didnt persue figuring the runaway slave would freeze to death

kyria nearly did in fact…..but she was happened upon by a group of panthers from valkyrie torva who took her in raised her up and trained her in the paths of a panther and a shaman

for years after she served as a shaman in many different camps till she was again captured by a rival band of panthers who collared her and traded her to talender Moon

her days as a free panther came to an end and many times she found herself torn between the panther shaman she was and the slave she was raised to be

now in zima she struggles to serve well in the camp and struggles with the two paths she has walked will she find the peace of mind to remain as she is ……will she ask to stand free…..could she ever tread both paths together….time will tell

(Rin left the ZIma tribe)

Wildling BloodMoon (Leda Oryl)

Born in SL : ( 05/08/2008 )

When Wildling was young 16 she was with her family on a trip to Ar with the merchants and they were ambush by raiders. On that day it was a sad day for her. She was hidden by her father and told not to come out for anything, then fighting happen and I stayed hidden. and peeking from where I was. I watched as the bandits won.

Then I watched them drag my family into the area I was hiding in.

They hand my father tied to a chair and my mother and 2 older sisters held tight and then had there way with all 3 of them while my father watched.

They striped them naked then the bandits killed all 3 of them in front of my father!! just like that they wanted him to see it happen. He cursed them and spit at them calling them cowards.

I almost threw up at the sight but I keep quiet in my hiding place. One of the men came in and talked to who seem to be the leader and he growled and went to my father who was yelling and screaming at the man who beat him. seemed they were looking for me.

I knew my father wouldn’t give me up and I know the back way out of where I was but my eyes were glued on what was going on and what they were doing. Then after who knows how long they did kill my father, at that point I screamed I quickly covered my mouth, the scream echoed threw out the room so it was hard for them to figure out where it came from and I scrambled for the back exit.

I burst out the back exit and right into the arms of one of the bandits knocking him over he was covered in blood. I got hold of one of his blade and held it up in 2 hand and took up stance and the man got up laughing and grabbed his ax and came forward then stopped his eyes going wide in fear as I stood there now covered in blood then I noticed the shadow that covered me from behind. I dared to glance over my shoulder,

I notice a mountain of a man with a maul over his shoulder “its ok girl I’m on your side” he said in a calm voice then looked at the bandit “your dead” and he charged in with his maul and the bandit died with a single crushing blow he did get his ax up but didn’t help.

In what could only be called a heroic way that one man cleared the area of all the bandits I tended to what wounds he did get but the shock was visible in my eyes and my mind was in turmoil. I didn’t know what to do.. or really who I was any more. My life had been stolen from me. I couldn’t really answer his questions as he asked them.

So this man Rayven Goodman took me to a Panther camp the Zima Ak’am’s and introduced me to them and to Sarka who took me in were they showed me the ways of the Panther life.

I lived as a cub of the Zima for a long time

I never asked for anything no promotion nothing. The day for me getting my promotion to becoming a full huntress

I had to fight a sleen 1 on 1. thats when I surprised Sarka and Many. told them I didn’t want to fight 1 sleen, I told them I wanted to fight 3. so I did and I won.

I then became a full huntress of the zima. this was after about 1 year I was in no hurry I loved the zima. then about 4 months later I was approached by Sarka and asked if I would become the First bow. 

Once I became the first bow I help with the camp deffences and organized training and all helped with rescues 

Was one time when some of our sisters were held captive and I went to the fort and called to them for there release they said only if I gave myself up. Well I had already had a army ready to attack so I smiled and said ok.. as they had like 10 defenders only. I then walked up to there gate told them let them go and I gave them my word I wouldn’t resist. so they let the 4 captives go and I went to the cage. then about 1 min later 40 zima warriors showed up. I never said anything about no rescue showing up.

I served as First bow for about 1 1/2 years then I was asked to be an EN of the Zima Ak’am and have been one ever sense . I spent most of my En time as a quiet one letting Sarka or Heather or the other ENs mostly run things till Now. Now its me and Nikita and Blu running the show. The Tribe is strong as ever and wills stay strong.

Now in the years between so much has happen in the 10 years I have had to deal with the Kuri. I have I have blacked out and gone feral and had my sisters track me down and get my mind straight. I have almost died a few times. even had my own sisters chain me down for my own protection. I have so many stories to tell I could go on an on. I might have to do posts on different stories! Or track me down and ask me personally.

One thing I just found out only recently the person that was killed who I though was my mother was someone else my father had along with him. As I meet my mother in Sais!! with my only living sister.

Wild, En of Zima'Akam.

Loenie (loenie1995)

Born in SL : ( 11/16/2015 )

As child from slaves grown up safe, but at the age of 18 sold to a Master, who wasn’t very often at home, and on a walk outside the camp i was picked up by another Master, His name was Greenfiresolar

As child from slaves grown up safe, but at the age of 18 sold to a Master, who wasn’t very often at home, and on a walk outside the camp i was picked up by another Master, His name was Greenfiresolar

I learn my lesson and stayed in the camp and served other members not so well, but i tryed, and when my Master was at home, he took me out of the camp to other public places and taverne’s he loved to abuse me in public places.

Until the day my Master made a Mistake, he wanted us to go to the Wagoneers, so we arrived to the Hidden camp of the Tuchuk.
he went forward to look for a nice spot, there were any Tuchuk there but my Master didn’t see the danger, there was a fight and my Master was captured and shouted me to release him, off coarse i had no change and were also captured.

My former Master was sold as a slave, and the slaver of the Tuchuk took me as his property, master Henrius SunLaLuna, i’ve gor another name Almira SunLaLuna.
Here i met my sister Ashlyn, she was a free panther before she become a slave of my Master.
My sister thought me how to serve properly and more important how to fight, we trained a lot together and had a lot of fun.
My Master was a barbarian, and he was a vampire, he abused me at the cross and suck my blood, but I stayed loyal as a slave should be.
Until the day came that he was captured and he knew he would be tortured, he couldn’t stand that and committed suicide.
And a few days later Wagoneers were disappeared and forgot me and my sister, so we were both homeless and we went both our own way, i heard my sister has become a huntress and now is in a nice tribe, i just walked around for food and a place to sleep. Still didn’t believe my Master was away,

Until 2 November 2019 i had to fight for my freedom, but i had no change with just a slingshot, and so was i capture by En Wildling Bloodmoon, and she locked me up, i still hoped my owner came to claim me, i was in a cage for a few months until i accepted the collar of the zima and became a private slave of En Wildling. Mistress Wildling aproved me to use my birthname. And after a year being just a bond i got promoted to first girl of the zima, teaching the tasks to the new bonds

Loenie, First Girl of Zima Ak'am