Hit Ages Meter allowed on Isla Mariposa

The Hit Ages meter is now allowed on the isla Mariposa sim.

After the board meeting and on Wild’s proposal, we unanimously opted to let the Hit Age meter now be allowed on our sim.

I configured the server and here are the settings  close to the ZCS meter that we carry.

[03:07:23] Hit Meter v1.7: [Isla Mariposa] 📝 meter-style: hit (switch: off) 💦 water: 8% ↑ jump: 4% ↑ fly: 8% ↓ fall: 4% 💰 steal: on 🔐 slavery: on 💫 capture: (5m) ➰ bind: on ➰ self-unbind: on 💔 aid: on 🤕 bandage: on 🤕 self-bandage: off 👩 weak-female: off

Theself-unbind  is set to 10 minutes as ZCS

There is no bank  posed as for the ZCS meter? The bank works  differently: 

The bank  is in  hud  with this meter which should be part of the next update.

Sent by the creator of the meter:

Hit Ages has different ideas for banks, we have treasures that belong to land that we can use to store coins, give coins to our people, steal … etc,if you want I will definitely send you.

We also have “bankhuds” banks for each player/user that users can store coins in it to always be safe and can not be stolen ever, these bank huds  I am currently working on them and update and will be available again maybe the next version,  they are ready but I need to update them and include them in the counter package.


The link to the meter’s website is: https://hitages.com/

The link on the market  for the different objects is:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/215381

Weapon :

Hit Ages works with all melee weapons, ranged and traps.

all weapons have the same damage as other counters and there is a built-in shield that works in the same way as other counters.

the counter was tested with all weapons and Allia Lane from LR weapons  sent me all kinds of weapons to test and we tested each weapon to ensure compatibility….

For bandages, Aids,  etc.:   

The age of the hit allows to bind, untie, help, bandage … etc  by other counters using the hit bubble, and  zcs  can bandage hit users using zcs  huds. 

Unfortunately, other counters don’t allow gms  or hit counters to make bandages, but I did my part and allowed others to make bandages on my counters so everyone could have fun playing what they like.

All the time “help, bind, bandage… etc” are the same as the other meters and we have tested extensively on many terrains to make sure everything is compatible.

I remind you that we do not change the meter.

I remind you that we do not change the meter. Zima Ak’am remain on the ZCS meter. We may see in the future if we change it.

Nikita, Dark Angel, EN of the Zima Ak’am

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