I don’t RP with translators!

This is what we can read in some profiles and which I admit shows several things:

  • The person is of the type “Intellectual autarky”, for those who do not know the definition: “Intellectual autarky, in the sense of autonomy in an immaterial form, advocates the state of the one who is self-sufficient and does not maintain exchanges.”
  • The person is probably feigned, to the point of not wanting to make an effort.
  • The person considers that the whole world must speak his language.

So now let’s imagine if we were all like this person and therefore decided not to use a translator anymore. Me being French, I would speak to her in  French and she in English or Russian or German etc.. Ok, clearly it won’t lead to anything.. unless this person then takes a translator to understand me. But suddenly .. she can’t rp there either, then she wears a translator.

I guess that this person, if he travels (I doubt it a little), in countries other than those of his language, sends a note before so that the country where he is going to go, learns his language.

The people who are so, for me, do not deserve much interest and I prefer to ignore them and leave them to their mediocrity. If they come on sims where translators are used, I think it is smarter of them, to go somewhere else, where everyone speaks the same language as her without a translator.. finally at home in her confined space, it’s good.

Coming into second life, which wants to be international, allows people from all countries to play together, to exchange together and want to impose the “non-translator” is so much a waste, these people should play on their computer games solo and in the language they want.

Nikita (who used a translator to put this article in English ^^)

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