Sometimes.. one can only laugh ..

I was having fun reading a profile of a person.. I would not say his name out of respect …

In one of the picks,I see “Panther Shop” .. I tell myself  awww  it must be that ..

I look and I see a picture of a shop and .. a sentence and then a marketplace link ..

The sentence : Port Falworth, exclusive weapon shop. made from panther for panther

It’s top that, weapons made by panthers for panthers! So I expect to see that weapons for panthers , isn’tit,  so I’ll see the link and … surprise!

So it would seem that the “box rocket launcher” is a weapon made by panthers for panthers if you read that correctly.

I would pass on the swords , not really panther but .. when this tribe keeps claiming that it is, I quote: “Home of the True Panthers of Gor S……. A……”, maybe it should already make sure to be irreproachable, after their Anti-ZCS series …

Finally at least I grant them one thing, I laughed when I saw this and I will quickly equip myself with a rocket launcher since I am a panther too, true, false   etc..c is another debate.


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