Zima Ak'am

Train the

Fighter in you

The forest is our mother, its sap is our blood. We are Zimas.

The Zimas are Zimas ( a bit like panther girls), they have returned to the lands of Tharna where they were born.membership of the tribe is a privilege, we are close knit and family like.

  • We are not pew pew
  • We do love roleplay
  • We don’t mind a good fight

Drop into us and see for yourself

The different Zima flags

The tribe Zima ak'am (snow sisters) is founded by Sarka and Ecko (Sarka Matova) , ( Ecko Honi ) Sarka and Ecko where betrayed by there old tribe sisters. and left that tribe.
After a long journey they arrived in a city called Tharna , ruled by woman.

They had a talk with the Tatrix (Juicy Bamaisin) and they where allowed to live in the mountains near tharna.

The two panther started a new tribe called Zima Ak 'am and they agreed to help the city in times of trouble.

The tribe was living in the mountains near the city Tharna. they where often found in the valley between the mountains and the city and on the docks of tharna what was an old pirate ship.

The name of the tribe is translated as the snow sisters , because of the snow in the mountains they live. they where highly trained in mountain fighting and protect there camp successful many times.
The Zima Ak'am tribe, has for principle to privilege the RP, liking of course the combat too.

We don't like to do fights without a PR before or after. Pew Pews are not accepted and we refuse to waste our time with these irrelevant players.

If a zima is captured, we will never go against its RP and only it decides the end of its capture by asking us to intervene, either by a rescue (raid rescue) or a commercial exchange (trade).

We are absolutely against "meta-gaming", our actions are with a mandatory ic.

Our administration of the sim is sometimes frowned upon, because we are strict and uncompromising on the respect of the rules of our sim, the gor dress and the wearing of weapon sheaths.

We don't mind being harsh at times, but if we want quality play in Gor, we have to be that way. Too many gor players, do anything and make the image of this world like a big disney game.
The Zima Ak'am tribe is one of the last truly Gorean tribes.

The camp of the Zimas Ak'am currently